Founding The Object (The Archeology Of Inspiration).  May 16, 2008 - June 16, 2008

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Resident Writer (This work will begin the process and be on the first page of the Anthology) - [writing deleted]
Resident Writer - Potential
Resident Writer - Magnum Opus
Resident Writer - Man\'s Story


This competition is for members of the group to submit a new piece of writing introducing your ideas, themes and thoughts, preferably a subject important to you, and it could become the foundation of the Anthology; the very first piece of work in it. The more personal the foundation, the better the Anthology will be. What will come out of your most sincere thoughts when explicitly considered by another writer? How will the last piece of writing compare to the first?

It works like this:

There will be twenty winners. The 20 winning submissions will form a short list for the final, ultimate winning work. The winning 20 entries will also determine the writers who will contribute to the Anthology. A team of Artists and myself will decide on the final numbers of contributors and the winning submission, once we get an idea of the success of this competition. It may not be limited to twenty.

So, to clarify, this competition is for the chance to have your work begin the collaborative project. This is writerscafe members chance to get involved.


If we manage to get a successful pilot going on-line, this Anthology of work will be published in my local town. It will not be for profit, it will be a part of an exhibition and will encourage promotion of the project � so each writer will be credited, in terms of recognition and publicity, in a small English town going mad for Art. Who knows how far it will go?

No more than 2000 words please.


Winners will Author the Anthology and one writer will found the objective.


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Solst Rapture
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