Get Me Published!  August 26, 2007 - September 29, 2007

Contest Completed


Winning Selection - [writing deleted]
Second Place Selection - Mummy?
Third Selection - Wake Up Slowly
Featured Piece - Last Chance with Ally
Featured Piece - [writing deleted]


Looking for a great way to get published? The winner of this contest will be featured (see below) in the first installment of the Casually Writing Anthology. Any pieces are excepted, however, poetry will be given less consideration. Preferably, short stories, fiction, and other nonfiction of at leadt 5,000 words. The limit is flexible, however 17,500 words is about the maximum.
Please also note that you MUST join the Casually Writing group in order to enter this competition and be pubilshed. Also, since publishing comes with a cost, the winner of the contest will be expected to help fund some of the expenses involved with the publishing, including a possible distribution package, etc. While this information in not yet solidified, please keep in mind that your own participation will be required in order to make this a success.
*The top three pieces of writing will be pubished and placed in the anthology. The top FIVE will receive awards for this contest.
Please, we ask that you do not submit anything overly graphic or mature in any way.
Thanks and enjoy writing...


Publication in the Casually Writing Anthology 2007


J. E. Barry
J. E. Barry
Union, NJ


Created Aug 26, 2007