Ghosts of the Past.  August 27, 2007 - October 20, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


Well, some of you may know of my Ultra-Secret-Mercenary-Shinobi Clan: The Ghosts. If you don't go here:
Anyways, really this is just a contest to see if you guys want to write something for the hell of it. And also because: EVERYONE likes Shinobi. (I'll say this once more like I did the first time: THIS IS NOT LIKE NARUTO!)
However some Ghosts' do have Psi >>;

Anyway... Enjoy, I guess. I would have made a contest about the Zynthis. But I'm not sure if you guys would like it. Post up your own contests!!


Uhm.... My respect? O.o; ^^;


A celebration... CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!!!! A celebration... CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!!!!


Tristan "techie" Lewis
Tristan "techie" Lewis
Canada, Quebec City, Montreal, Lachine., Canada


Created Aug 27, 2007

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