Heroic Verse (PIF.2)  August 31, 2010 - September 30, 2010

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Heroic Verse (PIF.2) - Winner - [writing deleted]
Heroic Verse (PIF.2) - Runner up - The Devil Quoting Scripture
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'Heroic Verse' is the form most poets write when they start writing.

It's an poetry in AABB rhyme scheme and in a fixed meter, no bars on number of stanzas.

Here's an example (Quote : Wikipedia)

"And thus the lone day in fight they spend,
Till, at the last, as everything hath end,
Anton is shent, and put him to the flight,
And all his folk to go, as best go might."
(Canterbury tales, Chaucer).

Meter is a must in heroic verse. But, for the sake of competition, I'll also consider those off meter. Although, my first preference will be for heroic verse in meter. That is, If your poem is off meter, it has to be incredibly good.

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