It's all for you!  July 30, 2008 - October 31, 2008

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1st place- You made me faint from your awesomeness! - [writing deleted]
2nd place- this was awesome! - Evil Darkness
3rd place- I love the way you write/ describe - Realistically Romantic
4th place- The descritipition/writing was cool - Undying Fairy
5th place- the writting/ descritiption was pretty cool but needs more meaning/depth - Where Souls Touch
6th place- the description/ writting was ok - unreachable
7th place- the writting was ok needs more description - In One Moment
Honorable Mention - The Princess and the Dragon
Honorable Mention - suddenly you\'ll hear your thoughts ...
Honorable Mention - Finding True Love


Write about anything! Can be in any shape or form just be descriptive! ^_^ Have fun!



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