Letter to me  November 28, 2007 - December 31, 2007

Contest Completed


Doctoral of Fine Arts Award - [writing deleted]
Master of Fine Arts Award - A letter to me.
Bachelor of Fine Arts Award - [writing deleted]
Associate of Fine Arts Award - [writing deleted]


Imagine you had a magical envelope that would travel back in time to you.
What would you tell yourself? And what would you say to convince yourself the letter was really from you?

I wish I could enter this contest just for the fun of it but W.C. rules say I can't. This is the first contest I have put together and I'm hoping I can hand out recognition awards at the end. I will judge all the letters and determine the winners. I can't wait.


One page letters.

Other than that you can tell yourself anything you want to.

Would you warn yourself to slow down going around that hair pin turn Dec. 18th on dutch canyon road?

Lottery numbers?


Dates that went bad?

What will you say in the limited space of one page?

I'll choose the winners based on originality, percieved honesty, and the usual things like flow and what I perceive as good grammer. And if you need an example of what I consider good grammer check out what I've written.

Good luck.



No cash, just simple recognition amongst some your favorite Writer Cafe peers.


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