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Attention Darkridge...

....As most of you may have noticed the killings have started again. Are you excited?

I know I am.

I've missed the thrill of hearing someone scream as they stare into my eyes.

Watching as their blood oozes down their body and the life slowly slips from their eyes. Oh how I've missed that.

I've missed the confusion that comes as they stare into my mask and see nothing but themselves.

Waiting patiently with my knife in them, turning it and reveling in their pleas until they realize that they are the reason this is happening to them.

Darkridge know that I am not a murderer, I'm nothing more than a messenger.

Delivering retribution for the awful f*****g lives everyone in the town have led!

You all deserve to rot and bleed out on the streets, and eventually you all will. But first....first I'm going to play with this town. I'm going to bring darkness to it, and let it panic, until Darkridge has hit the bottom of its very soul. And then? When the town is at its lowest? When you are all are curled up and ready to die, ready to admit that you are all evil?

Then my sweet sweet neighbors, I will show you yourself, in your rawest most digusting forms, in the way that I have always seen you all and I will kill you.

It will be slow.

It will be painful.

And it will be beautiful.

-Mirror Face

Hey everyone and welcome to the Mirror Face - Collaborative event! I'm super excited about this, as nothing like this has ever been attempted on Booksie! So I'll explain what is happening! We are looking for 3 more talented writers to join us on this completely interactive writing experience! Each author will create a character. These characters each week will have a chapter dedicated to them depicting their characters reactions to being a student at Darkridge High and the murders that are happening. All while trying to figure out who Mirror Face is and how to stop him! Each week the fans will vote which chapters are their favorties and which character they think should live until next week. While the bottom 2 will have one more chapter to get the fans on their side and keep them safe! If they recieve the least amount of votes again Mirror Face will be giving them a visit! This will continue until there is one survivor left! This person will be declared 'Sole Survivor' and will ultimately reveal the identity of the killer! :) I will be an awesome, enganging experience for any and all participants so let's have fun and get this thing on a role! To apply write a short suspensful scene played out with the character that you have in mind! And may the best author 'survive!'

Collaborative Bullet Point List of Info

You will write a short story based on a previous victim or previous survivor of the murders. This character will in no way shape or form be the character you are using for the story this exercise will be to gauge your skill as a writer!

After enough participants have been chosen to be part of the story the event will start.

Each author/character will post one chapter at the beginning or end of every week. What is in this chapter is completely up to the character.

The only thing you aren’t allowed to post is another murder. The killer is not controlled by the writers but by the fans alone. You can however post about the killer terrorizing you.

You may also choose to interact with other people's characters and join stories BUT you MUST ask the author before taking control of their character in your chapter!

There will be no ret-conning or out of character actions by characters.

Please try and do actions only as you see fit in the context of your character, and not based on whether or not you think it’ll get you killed at the end of the week!

So it’s up to the writer to make their chapter interesting and engaging to the audience.

At the end of every week a vote will be tallied up by the fans of whose chapter they liked the most and what characters they think deserve to live until the next week.

The author with the lowest amount of votes will be killed off at the end of the week. It will be up to them to write a death chapter for themselves.

Before dying they will figure out a piece of the mystery of Mirror Face in which they can choose to leave behind as a clue for another writer to help them out or take the secret to the grave leaving the others in the dark!

This game is all about the relationships you make and how you play your character!

Are you a survivor? Or another victim?

Fan Voting

Fan votes are THE most important part of the story!

They will decide who lives and who dies.

The voting MUST be unbiased, there will be no favoritism based on authors and none of the characters will ask for help or pull up on favors.

This is a competition based on merit and writing skill alone!

Fans will be required to read ALL chapters that are posted during the week so that everyone has a fair shot.

After reading all of them the fans will then send me a list to my personal e-mail rating the characters on a scale from Most Interesting to Least. Ex:




Carter ….

Those list will be tallied up and the bottom person will be notified privately that they must prepare a death scene.

Killed of authors will in turn become the voters as well. To spice things up the relationships between their characters and still living characters will become a HUGE factor in the voting process from then on.

Dead characters can only be biased within the confines of their relationship IN the story! So if their character was in love with Katy but he hates the author of Katy, he can only act upon the fact that the character was in love with Katy not his ill will towards the author.

This will keep it unbiased and yet still beneficial to the story!


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