Neptune!  July 4, 2011 - July 31, 2011

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Contemporary Poetry - Born of the Water
Short Fiction - NEPTUNE'S FACE


In the height of July, during the Roman era, the god Neptune was honored, and celebrated.

Much has been written about his Greek counterpart Poseidon, but it's time to write about Neptune, and his adventures.

As a frame of reference you'll find a detailed history about this god, and its mythological context here:

The contest highlights:

Using one of the genre categories below be inspired to write an interpretation about the many surrealist faces of Neptune or his relationship to his consorts, in the earthly world, the watery or in a star sketched galaxy.

Contemporary poetry--any length
Romantic poetry--any length
From darkness to light --short fiction--up to 200 words
Astro poetry--any length
In Neptune's words--stream of consciousness --short fiction--up to 200 words

Please do not submit previous WC contest winning work.
Make it surreal and full of life!
And if you're not a member JOIN the group!

Here's a poem by Thomas Campion for inspiration:

A Hymn in Praise of Neptune

Of Neptune's empire let us sing,
At whose command the waves obey;
To whom the rivers tribute pay,
Down the high mountains sliding:
To whom the scaly nation yields
Homage for the crystal fields
Wherein they dwell:
And every sea-dog pays a gem
Yearly out of his wat'ry cell
To deck great Neptune's diadem.

The Tritons dancing in a ring
Before his palace gates do make
The water with their echoes quake,
Like the great thunder sounding:
The sea-nymphs chant their accents shrill,
And the sirens, taught to kill
With their sweet voice,
Make ev'ry echoing rock reply
Unto their gentle murmuring noise
The praise of Neptune's empery.

--Thomas Campion



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