Spirituality  March 1, 2008 - March 31, 2008

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1st Place - None Like You
2nd place - DOG as Metaphor
3rd-place - The Bard
4th- place - The Night I Died, Lost My Religion and Found My Soul
Honorable Mention - A Soldier
Honorable Mention - \"Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Byd\"
Honorable Mention - Saves Me
Honorable Mention - Mother Goddess
Honorable Mention - I'm with You, Stride for Stride


In today's world spirituality is a topic that is often avoided- it has taken a back seat in many people's lives,especially in the US, for secularism and materialism, on average a large amount of the population will tell you a denomination but will then admit to not going to church on a regular basis or to neglecting a practice of a belief system. So I would like to start the wheels turning and in essence a conversation- Let's talk about spirituality for a while- the different types out there, personal beliefs, the similarities and the differences. I ask anyone entering this contest to open up about their personal spiritulity- explain it in whatever way the spirt moves you- allegory myth poetry- whatever just sink into your spirituality and share it with the world- only by sharing and seeing our similarities will we ever overcome hatred and misunderstanding- so please share your thoughts on this topic with us- I will be looking for the depth of understanding, personal connection and at the quaility of writing. So please share even if you want to adress the lack of spirituality please do.


$0.00-, blame the economy for the lack of cash prizes but I can afford the medal thingys-LOL


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Rhiannon Dragonraine
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