The Magic of Life  December 14, 2018 - January 14, 2019

Contest Completed


Superior (Grand Winner) - Stray
Breathtaking (Runner up) - Windy zen
Magnificent (Gold star) - Little Big Blames (The Blame he took)
Outstanding (Silver star) - EVOLUTION AND THE SOUL
Excellent (Bronze star) - And So I Sin


What makes life special? Do we truly see everything around us? What stops us? Blinds us? Anything goes; you are the storyteller~

Submit any genre of any writing type.

I'll post a review of ALL submissions individually before the contest winners are even decided.

(If it's a book longer than 3 chapters or 3000 words, then I only guarantee that at least this much will be reviewed.)

The winners will be the pieces which moved me the most---enlightening, thought-provoking, heartfelt, or gripping etc..

[Currently in the process of reviewing everything 1.15.19
71 pieces reviewed, whew~!
A mail will be sent to everyone on the winners as well as the special mentions. Please message me if I missed giving your contest piece a review.]


Everyone gets a review. Yey. Also, pieces I loved might be posted on my profile where I list my WritersCafe favorites (if that holds any value, lol.)




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