The Real Emcee  April 4, 2007 - April 18, 2007

Contest Completed


THE REAL EMCEE - [writing deleted]
Old Skool Golden Mic - [writing deleted]
Old Skool Silver Mic - [writing deleted]


This will be an old skool battle. I want to take it back to the rhyme and meaning that was spread when hip hop began. I don't want to hear any of this recent commercialized bullshit that is heard on the radio today.

No violence. Few to no cursing.

I want this to show mentality.

The judging for this will be strictly about content. The statement you are making; the story you are telling.

Any questions, just let me know. :)


Featured Writer/Poem in the Lyrical Lounge. You will be featured on my actual page for 3 days. And of course, you become the REAL EMCEE.


Li Li
Li Li
The Land of Misfit Toys, IL


Created Apr 4, 2007