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EMP nuke - The Albanian
Palmsheath knifeblade - 7 Minutes


// show me your future.

I want to see some fantastic cyberpunk writing; mostly stories, although if you manage to capture the feel in a poem, then kudos to you.

You can use whatever setting you want to - within reason. Check out the 'What is cyberpunk?' thread on the group for a starting block, and to get a feel for what sort of thing I like to read.

What you write is up to you: you can set it in your own cyberpunk vision, or borrow from your favourite author. If that's the case, make sure you name-drop. You'll get extra points for maintaining that author's world, if you do it right!

Remember my personal gripes though:
@ Your piece must be plausible. Keep space travel to a minimum, and if you want to include aliens or supernatural forces, you better do it well!
@ I like it brutal. If something could go wrong, it probably will. And it'll probably be bloody.
@ Cool is everything.


The winner will be the featured author on the Cyberpunk group for one month. Anyone awarded will get serious kudos.


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