Touching love  August 9, 2009 - August 13, 2009

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Amazingly touching story! - Touching Love


For members of The Dark Hearted only.
I want you to write a poem or story only, any entering of books, chapters, screenplays, and stage plays are not going to be considered no matter how powerful they may be.
Now what I want to read is a story or poem about the relationship between a young girl and her father, hense the name touching love. Now I know this does sound like a sick category, but it is original as far as contest that I have seen go, and I want to see who can capture the true meaning of touching love. This contest is just for fun, so I can see the unique poems and stories that members of The Dark Hearted can make. If you do not feel comfortable or think it is incorrect to have a contest like this, I will make another contest that will differ from this contest. Profanity is accepted, sexual content is accepted, and take your time to fool proof your work. Good luck!


Dominic Rosales
Dominic Rosales
Round Rock, TX


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Created Aug 10, 2009