Vent Radio  February 3, 2008 - March 4, 2008

Contest Completed


Vent Poet Supreme,Guest Host On Vent Radio - [writing deleted]
Vent Poet Master - Stop This Insanity!
Vent Poet Ace - [writing deleted]
Vent Poet Pro - Roots
Vent Poet Expert - Compassion
Vent Poet Aficionado - [writing deleted]
Vent Poet - turn it off
Vent Radio Poet! - Complex Mind
Vent Radio Poet! - Toxic Waste
Vent Radio Poet! - I Wanna Be a Ho, Part Two � Attention Ho�s (Naga Uta)
Vent Radio Poet! - [writing deleted]
Vent Radio Poet! - [writing deleted]
Vent Radio Poet! - untitled
Vent Radio Poet! - An Honest Fool
Vent Radio Poet! - Do You Know?
Vent Radio Poet! - You Want Vent Radio!


Give me your best vent piece. Speak your mind, express yourself in a poetic vent. The first place winner will be the co-host and guest star at Vent Radio's next show, Friday, March 7th at 9PM EST!


Co-host, Guest Spot



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Created Feb 3, 2008