(Find Yourself) From Amateur Author to Bestselling Author

(Find Yourself) From Amateur Author to Bestselling Author

A Course by Plagued Monumentally

***THERE WILL BE A SERIES OF SECTIONS IN THIS COURSE: Not only will you find tips to help you improve your novel writing, but you will strengthen your poetry, short stories and screenplays and/or scripts*** I know how frustrating it is to look at other people's work and go "why can't I write like that? What's wrong with me?" I'm not author, nor a published one, but I know a few secrets as to how to create a stunning and unforgettable book that instead of admiring other people; other people will be admiring you. Throughout this course you'll find a series of different perspectives for different people. You're bound to find something that works for you. If you find this course completely unhelpful then please message me and give me some things to work on. I'm only aiming to help. Other than that, enjoy. It might take me awhile to finish this course



(What you'll expect) Introduction (What you'll expect) Intr..

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Plagued Monumentally
Plagued Monumentally


So it's been a couple years since I've been on this site, and lots has changed. Most of my writing is between two to three years difference to the stuff I'm writing now. Please pay attention to the di..