take a rest

take a rest

A Lesson by joanofbooke

its good to work fervently on your novels and poems


 its good to work fervently on your novels and poems but also remeber to take it slow give yourself time too rest and your ideas will come easier. patience is important. and when you have aqn idea go for it dont let anyone tell you differently

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Posted 9 Years Ago


Thank you for this. I often badger myself for not writing everyday and not writing the best dialogue.

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Posted 11 Years Ago

I've actually started to host my two stories on this site, they are sort of rough drafts, I need people to help me edit things so if you could spare some time, check them out...

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Posted 11 Years Ago

A year and a half ago, I started creating an idea. It started off very small, only an island and a small group of characters. This idea has grown tremendously since then. Now it includes two planets, eleven different cultures, a baby-language and four different fonts, as well as a massive mythology.
All of these elements play a large role in the story that goes with it (which btw is going excruciatingly slow). Even though the world it takes place in is massive, I still want to emphasize on emotion a lot, to create a balance between the grand scope of it all and how the characters experiences it.

There are Three books to the story, the first is going better than the others, that is mostly because it is all worked out at this point. The second and third book on the other hand, is not so lucky. The story is mainly about Alean, my main character, but there are two other very important characters, Laian and Le'am. Each of these three people represent their world. Alean is the High prince of a world I call Elurah, Laian is Alean's counterpart, he is the Prince of Lanta. Elurah and Lanta are duplicate planets, but not exactly the same, revolving around each other. Le'am is a god, the god of Life.

The entire story has to do with Alean and how he sees the world, in book one he is the emphasis. in book two it shifts more to Laian and in book three it turns to Le'am.

This I can manage on my own, but the problem is that if I get it finished, but it wouldn't do it much justice as by my calculations, it would all actually fit into one book. It will still have to be filled up, the way to do that is, as you've suggested, detail, but I don't know how to write in that much detail and still retain the basic essence of the story.

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Posted 12 Years Ago

I have started writing a story about a witch whose Father has been accussed of raping a 15 year old girl from the village and murdering a boy and his dog. I started yesterday and already have written 2,957 words. I want to be able to finish it by Halloween but I know I shouldn't commit myself to write all day for 7 days a week. Rest and relaxation does pay off when you are in the writing business.
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