Lesson i: Types of Writings

Lesson i: Types of Writings

A Lesson by Mk.t.g

This lesson focuses on the aspects of different writing styles, primarily for beginners.


When you are writing any essay or poem, you have to be careful on how you are conveying your thoughts to the reader. There are many different writing styles that one can adopt to produce a certain kind of writing, be it a poem, play, essay or a story.

1. Why learn writing styles?

Learning different writing style helps you to familiarize on how to perfectly execute writing. Writing styles are important because they affect how materials are presented in various settings, like a school, house, attic, forest etc.

2. What are the main types of writings?
i. Expository Writing:
The purpose of this type of writing is to enlighten or instruct. In other words, this type of writing presents facts and a proper argument on the topic in a clear and concise manner. For example, school magazines, scientific reports, or academic essays etc.

ii. Descriptive Writing:
The aim of a descriptive writing is to help the reader to visualize the physical and sensory details of a character, event, place, or all of them together, in a collective manner. This type of writing allows more artistic freedom, than expository writing. In a more concise manner, a vivid image is presented to the reader. For example, fiction, poetry, journal or diary writing etc.

iii. Persuasive Writing:
The aim of a persuasive writing, or argumentation, is to influence the reader to assume or generally consider the author's points of view. For example, advertising, job applications, or editorial pieces.

iv. Narrative Writing:
The purpose of narrative writing is to comprehensively narrate or tell a story, be it fiction or non-fiction. For example, all types of fiction (novels, books etc), biographies or anecdotes.

Finding the purpose to adopting writing styles can effectively enhance how you write a text.
I will focus on the different genres of writing, like romance, history, science fiction etc in the next lesson.
Thanks for visiting this page, and I hope this could be of any help of use. 
References: Grammarly blog.


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