Theoretical Science

Theoretical Science

A Lesson by Clif

Science Theory involves Wormholes, Vortexes and Interdimensional Travel.


Advanced Paranormal delves into areas of overlap and things in common with different Paranologies. 


These are some terms that help to define some Scientific Theories that are related to the Paranormal;

Multiverse are Multiple Parallel Universes existing alongside one another. They are separated by other Dimensions.

A Parallel Universe contains a duplicate or copy of our world, with one of each of the same people, places and events the same as in our universe. But different circumstances causing lives to turn out differently in an Alternate Universe.

An Ultraverse is a very large Multiverse.

Another Dimension, or Fifth Dimension; would be an area that human senses cannot perceive.

The idea is that Interdimensional travelers could transverse through another dimension to and from an Alternate Universe. They could be a Portal, like a  Passageway or gateway to another parallel universe or another plain of existence.

The Astral Plane is a 4th Dimension. Also Spacetime is considered to be a 4th dimension in Theoretical Science.


A Vortex is a swirling air or liquid or plasma, circulating, a whirlwind.

Vortices are rapidly rotating of air, like a Dust Devil or vortex.

One theory is that Crop Circles could be caused by a Plasma Vortex.


A Wormhole is also part of Theoretical Science. They can provide a shortcut through Space. This is how Extraterrestrials could  travel from planets long distances away to Earth.


Ultraterrestrial refers to  Beings from another Dimension or Parallel Universe.
The same as Interdimensional Travelers.

There are some different Theories about where UAPs could come from:

The ETH, Extraterrestrial Hypothesis; The Theory that UFO’s are from other planets in outer space.
This is the most popular explanation for where Unexplained Aerial Phenomena comes from. 


And there is the IDH, Interdimensional Hypothesis; This theory states that UFO’s could be from another Dimension. Also Multidimensional Visitation Hypothesis. This would mean that Extraterrestrials would actually be Ultraterrestrials instead.

Scientist Theorize that that Alternate Universes and Other Dimensions could actually exist.
Then Science Fiction speculates about what they might be like.
And in Paranology writing we also makes use of Theoretical Science. 

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