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There are many Triangle areas around this part of the world where strange things happen.


There are many hot spots of Paranormal activity around North America:

The Bermuda Triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean off the South East coast of Florida. It is a place where mysterious disappearances occur.  There is also Great Lakes Triangle in the Northern United States. This Triangle is another area where ships and planes vanish without a trace. So many ships and planes disappear off the coasts of Florida and Bermuda, that there is a belief that a Supernatural cause may be responsible. In 1970 an Airplane flying from the Bahamas flew into a Vortex of Fog. It traveled 100 miles in only 3 minutes, many times faster than the plane was capable of flying at its maximum speed.

       The Great Lakes Triangle bordering the United States and Canada  is also a place where numerous planes, ships and people have vanished without a trace. 
The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior in 1975. 
There was a rash of UFO sightings along the Lake Michigan shoreline  back in the 1990’s. In Minnesota in Lake Pepin there is a reported Lake Monster.

The Lake Michigan Triangle is within the Great Lakes area.

There is the Beast of Brey Road in Wisconsin. 

And the Paulding Light is another Unexplained Phenomena in Michigan.

All within the Great Lakes Triangle Region of the Northern United States and Canada.


       In Eastern Ohio there is an area known as the Sasquatch Triangle, home of the Grassman. It stretches from New Philadelphia to Wheeling to Cambridge, Ohio. There are numerous sightings of Bigfoot in the part of the State.

       In Massachusetts there is the Bridgewater Triangle. There have been numerous reports of UFO's, Orbs, Bigfoot and Thunderbirds seen in the area. In towns near Bridgewater some strange occurrences include Cattle mutilations and Poltergeists at different times.

There is a Zone of Silence in an area of Mexico where Radio transmissions do not go through. Flying Humanoids are another strange occurrence have been reported in Mexico and California. Mexico City is also a hotbed of UFO sightings through the years.

       Mount Shasta in Northern California is a volcano in the Cascades. The mountain has been the site of numerous reports of Paranormal activity for centuries. There are Spirits in the area, UFO sightings and many Bigfoot encounters have also been reported around the mountain.

There are many places around the Continent where Unexplained Mysteries occur.  These Strange happenings also come under the guise of the Paranormal.

There is a theory that Triangles could be locations for portals to another Dimension.

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