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A Lesson by Bernard Tisman

fish and chips






One day a man was told by the staff at his home that he was going to have fish and chips, but was told there weren't any plates so he had to have them served on his lap, and what a mess it made, all over his trousers, with some dropping right on the floor.

Miss Stake, the carer in charge said,' I'm sorry that I have to put you through this because there aren't any plates, we can't afford them because of the recession, so you'll have to endure having to eat in a primitive way.

Soon after dinner the man who had to eat his meal on his lap and to take his trousers off and wash them in the sink with fairy liquid as if it was a plate then dried them in a trouser oven taking only five seconds.

The "meal – on – the trousers" saga ‘wasn’t the only ordeal he had to go through, for he had to pay £120 for his fish and chip meal.

Normally you would have a cup of tea after a meal but instead of tea ‘frying oil was poured into the cup and the diner had to drink it when he should have had tea.

The manager in charge, Mrs. Nina Tendo said, 'I will sort this matter out, fancy having to have fish and chips served in this way, where each resident has to have them emptied straight onto their trousers instead of a plate, it's absolutely primitive all because there aren't any dinner plates available.

Using one's trousers as a dinner plate is very unpleasant ‘but there ‘wasn't any alternative, 'and, '£120 for a meal, it's absolutely monstrous, how can you very well afford it, it's no wonder that so many residents were reduced to great poverty.



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Added on July 26, 2014
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Bernard Tisman
Bernard Tisman

greater london, redbridge, United Kingdom