Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

A Lesson by Clif

The Jersey Devil is a Cryptid creature reported to be in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.


The Devil is reported to be a Large Creature with Wings, Hooved feet, a long tail with the head of a horse and glowing Red eyes. The Pine Barrens are a large Forested area, wilderness in southern New Jersey. Many legends have come out of this region. 

      The story of the Jersey Devil begins with the Leeds family in New Jersey in the mid 1700s. There were 12 children in the family. When the mother was expecting the 13th baby, she cursed the unborn child saying it would be the Devil. When the baby was born, it turned into a monster and ran out into the woods, becoming the Jersey Devil.

       There were a rash of sightings in the early 1900s in the Garden State and an hysteria grew about a monster in the woods. People have heard weird sounds and screams in the Pine Barrens. Hoof print tracks have been found. Pitchers of a strange winged creature have been taken over the years. Farm animals have been reportedly killed by an unknown beast. There have been many sightings from the 1920s through the 60s, 70s and 80s in the woodland areas of New Jersey.

Reports of the Cryptid have also come from nearby Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

       In the 2000s there was a report on a TV show, Monster Quest about Devils in New Jersey. They showed a story about a woman and her son spotting a large winged creature in a tree in the yard of their home. They ran to the house and the beast flew over them and onto their roof. There was snow on the ground. The next day the family found and took pictures of strange footprints on the roof of their home.

       No one knows what the Jersey Devil is. If it is an animal of some kind, or a creature from somewhere else.

Some descriptions are like a Wyvern, which is a 2 legged Dragon like beast from Mythology. Other sightings have described a large, hairy, ape like monster. These reports are probably Bigfoot. There are also Sasquatch in the woods of New Jersey.

But there is something else also roaming the Pine Barrens of the Garden State.


My own theory about the Jersey Devil is on my blogpage at;

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