Lake Monsters

Lake Monsters

A Lesson by Clif

There are a number of Lake Monsters like the Loch Ness Monster in Europe and North America.


Lake Monsters are described as being very large with a long neck and small head. They have fins on their sides.  Eye witness descriptions say they are 20 to 30 feet long, greyish or dark tan in color. They resemble a Plesiosaur, which was an extinct gigantic reptile that lived in water millions of years ago. One theory is that Lake monsters are Plesiosaurs left over from the age of the Dinosaurs. The mysterious creatures have also been seen on land, giving to the possibility that they could be some kind of amphibian.


       If Lake monsters are descendants of Plesiosaurs, could large reptiles survive in the colder climates of Europe and North America? There are snakes that live in Scandinavia and some species of lizards living in Canada. One theory is that some Dinosaurs could have been warm blooded. It is unknown if Plesiosaurs were warm or cold blooded reptiles. But their fossils have been found in the British Isles, from the North sea. This is the same part of the world as the Lochs in Scotland.

So it is certainly possible that Plesiosaurs and Lake monsters could survive in the colder climates where they are reported to have been seen.


       Loch Ness is not the only place in Scotland that has a giant aquatic beast. There is also Loch Morar, home to Morag, another creature of the deep Loch. And another one in Loch Maree in Scotland. Many Pictures and videos have been taken of Nessie in Loch Ness. The Scottish have legends about Kelpies or Water Horse, dating back hundreds of years. They are similar in description to the Lake Monsters of modern times.


       Elsewhere in Europe, In Sweden, Lake Storsjon has a lake monster. Another one in Norway in Seljord Lake. In Russia in  Brosno Lake there is another mysterious Dragon. And in the Lakes of Killarney there of Ireland there is also a lake monster.


        There are other giant Lake reptiles that live in Canada. In Newfoundland and Labrador in Crescent Lake there is a beast called Cressie.  And in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada, there is Ogopogo, Lake Monster.


And there are numerous Lake Monsters and Sea Creatures reported in the United States;

In Minnesota in Lake Pepin there is a lake monster reported.

Lake Champlain borders New York State, Vermont and Quebec, Canada. The lake is home to Champ, a large Reptile  similar to the creatures in Scotland.

There is a large sea monster in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and Virginia called Chessie.  It is a long serpent creature that swerves through the water, more like a Leviathan.

Scoliophis Atlanticus; Atlantic Hump Snake, was the name given to the Gloucester Sea Serpent of Massachusetts in the early 1800’s. It is similar to Chessie in the Chesapeake Bay. 

And there is Altamaha-ha, monster in a river in Georgia.


       There are many different Lake monsters and other sea serpents reported in numerous bodies of water in North America and Europe. Some of them could be left over remnants of Prehistoric creatures, thought to be extinct, but maybe still surviving to the present day.


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