Reality Check

Reality Check

A Lesson by L. Fenella

You ready? I sure am!


All right, you've got a stellar first sentence, a fresh Word document, you're all set. Right?
Wrong! Just where are you going with that book?
Whoa, horsey! Wait a sec!

First, you need a very important paper. On this paper, you're going to list:

-the place
-the main character
-the weather in the first chapter
-any other brainy ideas for this chapter ONLY

All right. Now. I want you to think what is going in. Is it a classic "it seemed all was peaceful", will you drop your readers ought into an action sequence, or will you introduce the main character vaguely without naming them.
Do you want a prologue? If so, now's the time to skip to the next lesson and come to this one later.

Okay, write. Go ahead! Stop reading this!

If you're still reading, that's fine too. Figure out the tone of this chapter- gloomy? Excited? Angry? Indifferent?
Does the main character have any dialogue?
Now, if you want a prologue, keep going. If not, skip the next lesson and go right into the lesson after that. See you there!

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L. Fenella
L. Fenella

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