The Beginning

The Beginning

A Lesson by Donna M. Burr

The beginnings to creating your language.


The Beginning

I am in no way a linguist, nor do I claim to be, or have taken linguist classes and lessons. I have merely found neat tricks to enable me to make languages which make my stories thrive and add a new element to my writing. Over the years of making my languages, I have done the hard way, and the easy way and I will go through both methods here. However, even the simplest tricks have hard parts and that comes into the essence of the writing and making of the language. Also, this guide is made with the mind of English being a persons primary and native language when making said languages.

You have to have a reason for making your language. It could be you want to include the language in your books and have the characters read them on the walls of a ruin, or to simply defeat boredom and show you can do it. My languages are highly integrated into my story, and I deemed that if I wanted my words in my world (such as place names, etc) to have some meaning, then I needed to make the languages that went with them. So make sure you have a reason for making a language. As mentioned before, it could be as simple as boredom.

Tips to Make Your Language
1. Never write the paragraph describing your language until you have completed it. I made the mistake of writing my aquatic race of having a melodic and sung language. It wasn't until I began writing the language that I realized it might not come out as such. However, with proper vowels and consonant pronunciation I managed to have a language which did sound, aloud and written, like they were singing.

2. Don't count on the language to turn out how you want the first time. You might have to tweak pronunciations, vowels, and consonants constantly to get the language you want.

3. For your language I would have a base language set. Like in Tolkien's elven he used Finnish and another language which I can't properly think of at the moment. Usually one language works, but sometimes it becomes necessary to have two.

More tips will be given in the lessons to follow. The lessons after "The Beginning" are going to be split between Simple Language Creation and Complex Language Creation and then proceeded to be broken down into smaller lessons between those to better give the full effects of the lessons and to make sure everyone understands.

Don't Understand the Lessons?
If there happens to be a part in which you do not understand some of the lessons, please feel free to message me on here. However, please include something like "Lesson Help" or something so I won't be confused.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Just this is already helping me. Thank you!

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Posted 7 Years Ago

This guide is a person's primary and the mentality of the English language, said language. So make sure you have a language of reason. As previously mentioned, it may be as simple boring.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

I wish someone would have told me this six years ago!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

tip #1, very smart. wish i thoughta that. haha
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