Character Helper

Character Helper

A Lesson by The Pain Stays Fresh

Some tips for bringing your characters to life.


Now, your plot is highly dependent on your character. Take Cinderella. In the original fairy tale, she's sweet and kind. But what if she wasn't? What if Cinderella had some serious anger management issues? How would our story change then?

Ok. Come up three characters. Be creative. Give them a name. A background. What kind of being are they (they don't have to be human, you know)? How old are they? What do they look like? 

Take your newly created characters and put them together in a story. Write for about twenty minutes. Have fun!

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Posted 7 Years Ago

such tips are highly valuable to students who are interested in the field of creative writing and want to pursue a career in the field of literature. the kind of posts shared here are really helpful in providing students with the appropriate approach through which they can enroll in different online degree programs that can further furnish their skills of writing.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

"Cinderella" the evil surpent Kristy screamed with intense anger.

"Yes step mother" Cinderella yelled back at her.

"Dont you use that tone with me young lady."

"I will do as I please." Cinderella replied.

"Oh you will, will you." Casie enter the dorm. We will see about that, You Wash my hooves. Casie commanded.

"You wash them you old crone."

" Slap."

Cinderella was stuned by Kristy's back hand.

Anger over come Cinderella and She reached for the shot gun that was hanging from the wall and pulled the tringer on her step-sister Casie and her step-mother Kristy.

Cinderella was over joyed with relief and walked out from the shack never to be seen again.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Interesting method. I'll have to try it!
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