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I know this sounds mean. Just hear me out.


Why do we give up on books and not finish them? Often, the answer is because we don't care what happens. So what makes the difference? The author's cruelty and the reader's sympathy.

Yes, it sounds horrible. Why would you want to make anyone suffer? Think about the books you've read. The main character goes through a lot of crap, right?

Well, that's what draws us in. The character's suffering makes us want to root for him/her. We want to know how they fare at the end.

What I want you to do is come up with the worst possible thing you can imagine. Now, make your character go through this. Make 'em really suffer and have fun doing it! Write for about twenty minutes.

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Posted 8 Years Ago

The little girl was dragged out of bed by her hair. Her step monster was screaming, wake up! wake up! It is time for your punishment!

Kay-Kay started to cry as her step monster yanked at her long hair and pulled clear to the roots. Pulling her so hard she kept losing her footing and being dragged behind the adult woman.

The step monster dragged Kay-Kay all the way out to the garage with fiery ice concert floors and a glass sliding door. Kay-Kay was sat in an old straight back school chair facing those glass doors in her cotton night gown and her bare feet flat against that fiery floor.

"You will remain here until I come back for you! This is what bad little girls get, when they act like little boys! I must get rid of the devil which resides in you! Do not move or the boggy man will get you!" The step monster said as she turned and walked away, turning the light off in the cold, scary garage.

Leaving Kay sitting there crying alone.
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The Pain Stays Fresh
The Pain Stays Fresh

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