A Lesson by Stephanie Knight

In this lesson, you will learn the first step in Creative Writing.


In school, you were probably given an assignment in which you had to come up with your own story, whether it be a short story, a real life situation, fiction, or any of the infinity and beyond. Well, I know I have a difficult time trying to write something on the spot, even if I knew exactly what I'm going to write about. And you probably end up asking your teacher for an idea/topic and you just write what they tell you to. Don't worry, we've all been there; even the most talented writers, such as Shakespeare, have the same amount of trouble just like you.
But before you can write anything, you have to RELAX.
"But how can I relax?" you may ask. It's actually simpler than you may think. You wanna have a clear mind in order to think. Just imagine the world is a laptop, computer, or eraser. Clear that browser history or erase away everything and start off fresh. Therefore, you will not have any distractions or interruptions.
Relaxation will eliminate any stress that may be preventing you to think or brainstorm ideas/topics. If you are relaxed, then you have already passed Step One in Creative writing and you're on your way. Although this lesson is rather short, just remember: this was written by no one special. Just a normal person who shares the passion of writing. Just. Like. You.


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Added on November 28, 2013
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Stephanie Knight
Stephanie Knight

Radcliff, KY

Well, I'm a high believer that Literature is an important key in striving through life. Though reading is not a necessity to "live", it does allow the minds of all to expand more than what we believe...