A Foundation

A Foundation

A Lesson by McCooey

How to begin brainstorming.


Here are the steps on making the foundation of a fantasy world for your book...


This is for beginning and young writers.


1. Think about the terrain. What kind of terrain are you thinking about. You must think about the kind of climate at the same time, since it will affect the terrain. (Idead: Mountains, Swamps, Fields, Grasslands, Hills, Rocky roads, Snow, Ice, etc). This is a very important step because it will determine what else is in your world.


2. Think about the creatures that live there. The creatures must be able to adapt to their environment. If they have gills, then they're not going to be on dry land. If you have trouble thinking up creatures, try taking a creature that already exists in another book or movie and work of that. Change how it looks and make it better. 


3. The average day. You should have a foundation on what the average day on this world might be like. Is it hot all day and freezing all night. 23 hours of daylight? 1 hour of daylight? Sky color? All those things should be taken into consideration.


4. Make sure you have a name in mind. The name will either attract the audience or turn them down. Make sure your audience can pronounce and read the name easily. Long words that seem complicated will only confuse the reader and make them take another step to putting your book back on its shelf.


5. Make sure you have some type of life on this world. If it's just a wasteland it won't be that interesting and you won't be able to work off it.


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Posted 3 Years Ago

All are excellent points, I would also add size. How big is the area they will be in, and the overall size of the world.
I didn't name my world for over a year. The only way to find the continent or the world's name is to follow one of the links in the ebook to the website.
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