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Formal Non-Fiction is when the writer is writing about something serious, and is not going to embellish any facts or or twist the story to suit the writer.

Much formal writing such as the writing mentioned above is found in Essays.

An example of formal non-fiction writing would be something like this:

A Neanderthal is a type of 'human' who lived in the Prehistoric Ages, such as the "Stone Age". They had the scientific name 'Homo Neanderthalis' and were closely related to Modern Humans - 'Homo Sapein Sapiens', the humans on Earth today.

Note the lack of superfluous words (such as superfluous) and the lack of 'shortened words', like that's instead of that is.

Another thing that is most certianly not used in Formal Non-Fiction is a slang word, such as 'yo', or 'wussup' or even things such as 'stuff'. These are not very formal and will create an atmosphere too 'light' for the reader.*

When writing Formal Non-Fiction, you must be aware that many different writing techniques for Fictional writing are not used. Such as metaphors. Similies may have to be used, but only in dire emergencies.
Also, words such as 'dire' (words that can be replaced with a simpler one) should, indeed, be replaced with s simpler one.

*In saying that, you do not want to be too heavy upon your reader

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