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Words for Formal Writing

Words for Formal Writing

A Lesson by Bella-Marie

How to re-phase sentences with the appropriate words and the sorts of words that are NOT needed.


Words are crucial for writing. And in formal non-fiction, you must use the perfect word to create the perfect atmosphere.
When you are writing a formal piece, it is necessary to use formal words. Formal words are words which have a feel of formality - eg. you would definitely use them if you were the Queen, say. A stiff Upper Lip! and so on, yet in writing terms.

For instance, when writing, it is not allowed to say "Them Neanderthals had ginormous brain space and such, but they weren't as smart as the Cro-Mangons who were waaaaaaaaay smarter and could talk better and stuff".
What is wrong with that? you may ask.
'Them' - a no-no. Always use correct grammar.
'Ginormous' - a word that is not scientific or formal-sounding.
'and such' - you must always be formal with what you say! Etc. is a much better phrase.
'waaaaaaaaaaaaaay' - talking like you would to a friend. This is unacceptable. We must talk formally.
'and stuff' - never to be used, like 'and such'. Not acceptable.
It is one sentence. The sentence should be broken down into 'bite'sized' pieces for easier reading.
The person should always know what they are talking about. Saying 'and such' and 'and stuff' means they do not know any more information to add on the end, or can not phrase the paragraph well.

If we were wanting to re-write that small but very poorly-written paragraph, it may go something like this...
"The Neanderthals had very large brain capacities, but were not as smart as the Cro-Mangons. The Cro-Mangons were considerably smarter and had better communication with one another."
All of the afore mentions mistakes were fixed up and the 'tone' of the writing was formal.

Formal writing often means that uou can not use large, over-powering words, ones that you would never use in everyday life. Scientific words that are necassary for the piece of writing are the only exception but words that are long and flowery are no use. Keep it short and simple and very easy to understand.
Words that are TOO simple and very slang are the opposite of flowery ones, but just as bad. You would never  write 'yo, s'up?' in formal writing. These words change the formal tone and are not accpeptable in any piece.

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Added on June 4, 2010
Last Updated on June 4, 2010

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