Paranormal Equipment

Paranormal Equipment

A Lesson by Clif

There are many Electronic Devices that Ghost Hunters use to investigate Para Spiritual Activity.



       Digital Voice Recorder; is a basic kind of electronic device

that can be used to record EVP’s through the air.


      SBox, Spirit Box; Detects EVP’s, helps with communication with Spirits. They generate White Noise RF, AM and FM.


       Ghost Box; They can scan multiple RF frequencies and detect EVP’s.

They can assist with Para Spiritual communication.

Intelligent Instrumental Communications, Telecommunications.

Ghost Boxes can do Intelligent sweeps or Random sweeps.


       PSB, Paranormal Spirit Box; Detects EVP’s, transmits voices.

Also Public Service Broadcast; Electronic devices, TV’s, Radios, that are a source of White noise, and can pickup audio voices from beyond the grave.


       ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication; Also EVP’s from TV’s, Radios and Computers, are sources of Para Spiritual Active communications.

Video ITC; Equipment that records video and audio from TV’s and Radios.

Ovilus is an ITC device, like a Ghost box.



       Gyroscope; is a digital talking board, is like a glorified Ouija board. A person can ask questions and receive answers from Spirits.




       The theory is that Spirits might create Electric fields.      

Ghost Hunters use EMF meters and other devices to detect the presence of Para Spiritual Activity.


       K2 Meters; are EMF meters used by Ghost Hunters to indicate when Spirits are near by. The difference between a K2 meter and a conventional EMF meter is that K2 meters use LED lights that go up and down depending on the strength of the signal. Traditional EMF meters use Dial cages or Digital display readouts to show MilliGauss measurement readings.

MilliGauss is the measurement unit for ElectoMagnetic Flux Density in the air.


       EDI, Environmental Detection Instrument; is like an EMF meter on steroids. EDI’s have an EMF meter along with other sensors and alarms. Some do Data logging of information collected.  They can show Ambient Temperature readings. EDI devices  can also measure Pressure, Humidity and even have Vibration sensors.


       Some companies manufacture toy stuffed animals with built in EMF sensors. Perhaps they are to disguise the equipment from Ghosts or maybe to attract children Spirits to them?


       EMF meters can also be used to measure man made sources like

electrical wiring and Power transmission lines. In homes and buildings,

exposed electrical wires can generate high EMF radiation. And outdoors

near Electrical power transmission towers, there can also be high EMF readings. Excessive Electromagnetic fields can affect human’s brains.

High EMF may cause people to Hallucinate. An investigator should check

for a source of High EMF before proceeding. Abnormal amounts of Radiation readings could explain some Paranormal sightings and reports as people seeing things that are not really there. High EMF could cause them

have hallucinations.



       TRIBO, Tribo Electric Effect:


       Tribo effect is the Electrical charge built up on two different materials. It is Static Electricity, like in thunderstorms and static discharges when a person walks across a carpet and generates a spark from their finger when they touch something metal.

Tribo is another type of electric field that may indicate the presence of

Spiritual Entiies.


       Tribo Meter, Detects static energy fields.

       Triboscope, Parascope, Electrascope; are Triboelectric Field Meters used by Paranormal Investigators.





       Different types of Cameras and video equipment are used by Paranormal Investigators to uncover Spiritual Paranormal Activity.


       IR, Infrared; Electromagnetic Radiation, at lower frequencies

BELOW visible light. Heat gives off Infrared light that we cannot see.

Ghosts are believed to take away heat from their surroundings. IR cameras may be able to reveal the location of Spirits.


       Ultraviolet, UV; Electromagnetic Radiation at higher frequencies ABOVE visible light. UV cameras can display sources of light that are invisible to the naked eye.


        Full Spectrum Digital Camera; can detect all ranges of light

and can possible show Ghosts that cannot be seen without a visual aid device.

       Night Vision equipment; Amplify existing visual light. Cameras can use IR which can come from external heat sources.


       Thermal Imaging; Detects tiny differences in Heat and displays them in different colors. Thermal camcorders.  Thermal cameras can be  used to show the outline of apparitions with a variety of colors from thermal variations in the air.


       SLS, Structured Light Sensor Cameras; Project lines or patterns

to determine depth of an image.


       POV; Point of View camcorders; from persons front view,

mounted on head or helmet. Body Cams.


       PDA, Paranormal Digital Assistant; Panoptic camera,

Can view all around the field of vision. Like a Periscope.

They can use IR, UV, HD in camera.

360 degree Puck cameras, give a panoramic, 3D view.


       Surveillance Security Camera Systems; Are used by Paranormal Investigators to record Unexplained Phenomena Occurrences on video

or photographs. They have monitors to view camera displays.


       DVR, Digital Video Recorder; are used to record video on a hard drive. They can be connected to multiple cameras and also do live streaming.


       Other Electronic Equipment:


       There are other devices used by Paranormal Investigators use to assist them in helping to discover the presence of Para Entities.


       Motion Sensors; There are Infrared and Ultraviolet motion sensors.


       Laser Grid; Green laser stick or pens can be used to detect motion.


        Vibration Sensors; like a Geophone, are sometimes used in investigations.

A type of Seismographs use Geophones. Seismographs are used to detect Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions. Earth lights are another form of Paranormal Luminous Phenomena, associated with UFO’s and Ghost lights.

They are believed to be caused by Seismic Activity around Earth quake faults and Volcanoes. So Seismographs or Geophones, vibration sensors could help locating sources for Earth Lights.   


       Thermometers, Ambient Temperature measuring devices;

Used to detect Cold Spots generated by Ghosts.


       Plasma Ball; uses plasma filaments to generate High frequency, High voltage AC. The theory is that the emissions can energize Sprits and help them to communicate.


        A simple device like a pen flashlight can be used to communicate with the Spiritual world. Asking yeas a no questions, then ask the entity to turn on and off the flash light to answer the questions.

       Paranormal Puck; small, round sensor. Measures EMF, temperature,

motion. Perform ITC sessions.

Two way radios are used sometimes for group members to communicate with

each other.


       Methane Detectors could be used by Paranormal Investigators.  Methane is the source of Swamp Gas.

In marshy, watery areas outdoors, Swamp gas illuminations can be mistaken for Ghost lights or UFO’s. This is a type of Luminous Phenomena.

Swamp gas has an odor of Hydrogen Sulfide, like rotten eggs.

It contains methane and sulfur gasses.

You could use Methane meters to detect levels of the gas alongside ponds, creeks, swamps, and determine if there is swamp gas present or if sightings are really Supernatural.


       There is Ghost Hunting software available for computers;

Programs like Ghost Monitor, Ghost Tech and Ghost Talk can help with

Paranormal investigations. Some are free downloads online.

Some Companies that sell Paranormal equipment on the Interweb include; Paranologies and Ghost Stop. Digital Dowsing, Lorex and Vortex are a few businesses that manufacture devices used in investigations of Para Spiritual Activity. DVR, surveillance systems are provided by companies like GW Security, Annke Video recorders and Revo America Security.




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