Prominent Ghostologists

Prominent Ghostologists

A Lesson by Clif

Some of the top Parapsychologists and Ghostologists that have done important research in Spiritual Paranormal Phenomena.


Some of the leading Ghostologists of the past are:

       William Danmar; Was a Danish-American author, 1853-1937. He wrote “Ghostology, The Naturalistic Philosophy of Ghosts” in 1924.


       Charles Richet; Was a French Physiologist, 1850-1935. He studied the Paranormal and Spiritualism. Richet came up with the term Ectoplasm.   Richet believed in Psychic Phenomena, but not in Spirits.

       William Crooks; Was an English Physicist, 1832-1919. He did important studies into the field of Spiritualism.

He investigated mediums and was a believer in Spiritualism. 


       Steven Parsons;  Is a British Ghost Hunter. He wrote “ Ghostology, The Art of the Ghost Hunter”.


       Ed and Lorraine Warren; Were American Paranormal Investigators from Connecticut. She was a Clairvoyant and he was a Demonologist. They investigated the Amityville Haunting in New York in the 1970s.


       Harry Price;  Was an English Parapsychologist,  1881-1948.

He also did some very important research into Spiritual Phenomena.

He debunked fake mediums in the early twentieth century.


       Gaurav Tiwari; was India’s founder of Indian Paranormal Society.


       Ian Stevenson was a Psychiatrist from Canada, 1918 – 2007.

Working at the University of Virginia, He wrote a book about Cases of Reincarnation.


       Edgar Cayce was an American Clairvoyant. He had visions in

his sleep and wrote books about Reincarnation and Atlantis. 

Edgar was a trance medium in the early 20th century.

He was from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, the same place where the Hopkinsville Goblin Aliens appeared about ten years after his death.


       Raymond Moody;  Psychologist, University of Virginia. Known for his work in Near Death Experiences.



       Parapsychology; Is the Study of the Paranormal and psychic phenomena. A few of the top Parapsychologists in the United States are:


       Dr. Barry Taff;  Formally of UCLA, Investigated “The Entity” Phenomena  in California in 1974.


       Dr. Jennifer Lyke; Psychologist at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.


       Dr. Christine Simmons-Moore; Parapsychology at the University of West Georgia.


       Stanley Krippner; Parapsychology at Saybrook University, California.

There are a few Mediums that have connections to TV shows

and claim they can talk to the dead;


       Mary Ann Winkowski of Ohio is the basis for the TV show Ghost Whisperer.


       James Van Praagh is a Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant and was a Producer of the TV show "Ghost Whisperer".


       Allison Dubois from Phoenix, AZ is a Medium and was a Consultant for the TV show "Medium". Her book was the basis for the TV show.


       Kim Russo is the Happy Medium from Long Island, NY. She was the hostess for the TV Show "The Haunting of".




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