Heightening your short stories

Heightening your short stories

A Lesson by Camille Corbett

Because short and suck aren't synonyms.


First, lets see the definition for a short story.

Short Story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format.

Now, let's look at the characteristics of this darling form of literature. 

1.) In oppose to larger works, it usually encompasses one event.
2.) The setting, time period, and amount of characters usually are typically between 1-10 people.
3.) Short stories do not follow the dramatic structure a majority of the time.
4.) Short stories generally start in media res, creating an short beginning .
5.) When a short story has a moral, it's not a short story anymore,  but a fable or parable. Both which are specific sub genres of short stories.

As you can see from the characteristics of a short story, there are no rules I can give you about how to conquer a short story. Short stories, are the one form of writing I can say comes from your "heart" because you create every little twist and turn and it exhibits how stories are processed in your mind.

Now here are some tips that can help you on your road to creating your very own short story!

1.) Brainstorm! I know most people like just jumping into a short stories because they're so short, but you need to plan ahead so you can enrich the details and symbolism within the story.

2.)If you can't think of a good resolution and ending, just don't make one. Leave the story hanging, it's quite normal for a short story.

3.) Don't try to rush through the story just be met a preconceived notion of how long a short story should be.

4.) Don't try to pin point your story into a certain category before you're done, who knows?You may surprise yourself!

5.)Have fun with it! This is your story, your world, your format. This is true freelancing! Live it up while you're writing!

Okay! Well I have to go and make cookies! Make requests on what you want the next lesson to be about!

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Great lesson! (Can I have some cookies?)

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