The Importance Of Descriptions

The Importance Of Descriptions

A Lesson by LowkeyDoneWithYourSchist

To start this course off, we will talk about how a description can form an image of a scene or person, as well as why this is important.


Think about your favorite book. How well did the author describe the main character? Do they have enough of a description that you can accurately see them in your head, or do you need to rely on how you picture them by their personality? 

Most likely, you have an image painted by the author's description floating around in your head by now. Why did the author describe them as they did? Why is this important? Well that, my friend, is what we are exploring today.

"A young girl, seemingly about seven, walked through a gloomy, dead forest, her auburn hair floating in an icy wind as she tramped along the overgrown dirt path. She shivered in her lemon-and-white gingham sundress, a deep melancholy in her mossy green eyes." Think about this section. Can you picture the young girl? What about the forest? 

Now compare it to "Sally ate some fruit." See how you can picture the girl in the forest better than Sally. This is why description is so important. It adds a deeper understanding of the situation at hand, as well as the characters themselves. Being able to actually see scenes play out in your head allows for a more engaging story, which means more people will want to continue reading your book.

Thank you for reading my lesson, and may the writing deities bless you!


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Posted 2 Weeks Ago

I am a visual person so the idea of description is important to the writing I enjoy reading. Thanks for the lesson.
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