Step Three: Methods

Step Three: Methods

A Lesson by Hayden

This is the second to last lesson for giving your writing a deeper meaning.


Okay, so you have your voice and you know your message. You may be thinking, "Erm, I think I just have to do it now.". You're right! That's all you have to do, but I'm gonna go over some different ways to do it. We we study literature in English class, we can see some creative and fun way that authors in the past have done this. For example, Ernest Hemingway used a lot of dialogue to do this. We can see the emotions of the characters through how they speak. "Yeah, sure." This sounds as though the character may be sincere and helpful, but "whatever, fine." Insinuates that this character is not interested in what was asked of them. Another example is Nathaniel Hawthorne. He uses symbolism to give his message to the readers and to totally destroy the puritans! :D

Or in my piece, I have a river to represent depression. Another Literary device that can be used is diction. And while diction is basically you tone, it's a powerful tool. Diction is your choice of words. It's your vocabulary really. So instead of saying my character is going on a trip, I could say quest and it sounds more chivalrous. This will give your readers cue on how to feel and by that, your message will be easier spotted. 

I think I'll make a part 2 for this part of the lesson, but thanks for tuning in! See ya soon! 

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