Step Three Continued

Step Three Continued

A Lesson by Hayden

Here are some more methods for executing a deeper meaning :D


Okay, so it's been awhile. My bad. I'm back and ready to with some more methods for giving your writing a deeper meaning though. First up, Narration styles. Now each version of Narration has it's own effect. For example, a detached Narrator can create an unbiased narration of the story and will allow the readers to read into the characters more. Detached Narration would sound like this : "The man stood inches from her delicate face, 'I hope he'll be here. It'd be a shame to ruin a pretty face.' The women shuttered and gulped, looking away." This kind of narration never "I" in it and will often play out the thoughts in the character's heads. However, like the example above, this narration will stay out of character's heads and will focus on dialogue and events. You could also go for a first person Narrator. They use the words "I" and are often times the protagonist of the story. B doing this, the reader will see in the head of character and they will connect quickly and deeply with them. 

Besides Narration, you could also give your writing deeper meaning by using everyday events. This will make you story more relate-able and therefore, more likable. You can also highlight the importance of this object if you are repetitive with it. If you keep bringing it up. Like Alcohol. It's a killer so maybe you'd write your story about how a man forms a friendship with this other person. Maybe they meet at the mans house and drink most nights. They get in a drunken fight and the man is murdered. This is a drastic example, but it works. Throught this story, they use alcohol as a way to connect and in the end, it kills the man and gets the other guy arrested for murder. I just added that last part. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you best of luck. I'll make one more lesson where I talk about writing styles that I find fun to try and imitate...without losing my own style. I don't ever wanna do that haha. Anyways, Good luck and make sure that the blue curtain is deep. That was bad. Ew. My bad.

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