Step Two: What's your Message?

Step Two: What's your Message?

A Lesson by Hayden

This is step two on giving your writing some meaning. It's all about the message you want to send through your piece and to your readers.


I'll keep this one short like my stories :D! In all my my pieces, there has been a deeper meaning...except for the Neverland Obituary. I've always had something to say; for example, One of my piece's theme is that not everything must be said. Another one is about how depression kills, and the second to last is about how we don't really know what we'll do until we're there. If you want a deeper meaning, then you must have something to say. So look around at the world. What are some things you like? What are some things you'd change? I like how people have the ability to come together, but I think we could improve on actually coming together. Based on this I could write a short story about how a man's wife died and the neighbors came to support him while the doctors are cold and bitter. Then I could use Irony to my advantage there. That was just a quick example of how important it is to have a message. Your message is your theme, so go find it. 

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Hey there, I'm Hayden! Thanks for checking me out ;p haha I'm just messin' around! When it comes to writing, I love giving some serious meaning to it, you have to really think in order to find it. I'm..