Regency names

Regency names

A Lesson by QueenBee2

A List of Regency names for boys and girls- First names only or middle names.


Regency era names.
As I have said, I hate coming across anachronistic names.  I have been asked several times by other people for a list of the most popular names so as well as my own researches  here's a list of the top 50 given names compiled from the research of Leslie Alan Dunkling who has written a number of books on names, including the excellently informative work 'The Guinness Book of Names' which I thoroughly recommend for excellent research and a good laugh at times as well. Below is a table with the top 50 names given at birth in 1800

Eight out of ten babies before the twentieth century tended to be named from among the top ten names; this is apparent in the letters of Jane Austen where the same names tend to occur.  Girls are more likely to be given names outside this list than boys.  Note that many of the girls’ names are actually derivative; only Harry on the male list, a diminutive of Henry is so.  Female names had already diverged enough that eg Ann and Hannah, Harriet and Henrietta were already separate name

Diminutives used for everyday which may have also been given at birth:

Elizabeth: Eliza, Lizzy, Liza, Beth, Betty, Betsy
Mary: Molly, Polly, Minney
Margaret Maggie, Meg, Peggy
Catherine/Katharine: Kitty, Kate
Frances: Fanny
Sarah: Sally
Ann: Nancy, Annie, Nan, Nanny



1  William
26 Mark 

1  Mary 
26 Fanny
2  John
27 Michael

2  Ann[e]
27 Eliza
3  Thomas
28 Ralph

3  Elizabeth
4  James
29 Jacob

4  Sarah
5  George
30 Andrew

5  Jane   
30 Rachel
6  Joseph
31 Moses

6  Hannah
31 Lydia
7  Richard
32 Nicholas

7  Susan
32 Caroline
8  Henry
33 Anthony

8  Martha
9  Robert
34 Luke

9  Margaret
34 Peggy
10 Charles
35 Simon

10 Charlotte
35 Ruth
11 Samuel
36 Josiah

11 Harriet
36 Kitty
12 Edward
37 Timothy

12 Betty
37 Jenny
13 Benjamin
38 Martin

13 Maria
38 Phoebe
14 Isaac 
39 Nathaniel

14 Catherine
39 Agnes
15 Peter 
40 Roger

15 Frances
16 Daniel
41 Walter

16 Mary Ann
41 Amy
17 David
42 Aaron

17 Nancy
18 Francis
43 Jeremy

18 Rebecca
43 Dinah
19 Stephen
44 Joshua

19 Alice
44 Barbara
20 Jonathon
45 Alexander

20 Ellen
45 Joan
21 Christopher
46 Adam

21 Sophia
46 Joanna
22 Matthew
47 Hugh

22 Lucy 
47 Deborah
23 Edmund
48 Laurence

23 Isabel
24 Philip
49 Owen

24 Eleanor
49 Bridget
25 Abraham
50 Harry

25 Esther

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