Creating Horror

Creating Horror

A Lesson by DarkHorrorTech

This will go through how to start your own horror story.


There are steps to begin planning your horror story:

1.Think of where the story will take place, a state, a city, a town, a house even.Then decide it's description.Is it always dark and gloomy or is it usually bright with really dark nights.

2.Next think of how many characters are in your story.Protagonists and antagonists.There is no need to create names or personalities yet.Just an overall count of characters.

3.Decide it's rating, if you plan to have it kid friendly than it would be "g", "pg", or at this site, "k".If is has someblood and gore than it would be "t".If you want it to have a lot of gore and blood and maybe sensual instances than it would be "m".

4.Decide the goal the main character must accomplish.(Or fail to accomplish)

Now we move on to the actual forming of the story-line.

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