Writing Horror

Writing Horror

A Lesson by DarkHorrorTech

Now we begin to develop the actual story.We put together the pieces and create a brand new story.


Before we start writing you must know these guidelines:
1.Never use weak words like:

Instead of: "John was really dumb" 
Use:"John was really idiotic" or "John was very imbecilic"

2.When writing dialogue don't only use "said" or "asked", mix it up a little like:

"That is good cake!" John answered


"Where is the cake?" John questioned

3.When making a scary event use words like:


Now that you know the guidelines, you can start writing. To start a horror book use detail to describe the setting or put a good hooking entrance to the story.In my book i put this as the start:

" Dante Ontario woke in his apartment bed sweating slightly. He turned toward his alarm clock which was blaring loudly. Dante pressed snooze and the blaring stopped. Dante sat up on his bed and stretched his arms, yawning."

Try to sound fresh and new.Open it in a way no one else has.

The chapters themselves should be well thought out and detailed.In each chapter there should be at least one major event and at least one conversation of dialogue unless the character is alone.It is best to begin with a prologue and work to chapter 1 and than onward.

In each chapter the detail must be great otherwise the viewer will not continue to read.That is why you need to have at least one major event.Then the reader will not skip around dialogue and not read it all.With horror especially the reader wants to feel a constant sense of tension.

The chapters must escalate in fear distribution.With each event there must be a rise in tension to keep the reader asking for more.Detail is essential this is where the reader decides"

A.I want to keep reading
B.I will read it another time
C.I hate this book

You want to keep the reader focused on decision A.This is easier said than done.No one said writing horror would be easy.Nothing worth doing is easy.Horror is one of the hardest book genres to write because you must give the reader a sense that they are being watched or the sense of terror.

The ending MUST be satisfying.If you intend on doing a cliff hanger ending then make it so that the reader wants more.If it is a happy ending make it as if the terrifying events before scarred them for life.And both ways must satisfy the reader or the reader will be sorry for reading it.

That is all for my course, "How to Write Horror".Soon i will be making another called "How to Write Sci-Fi." now use this knowledge and scare the pants off the readers.

Please check out my book 'Faceless Catalyst" and give me feedback on what I need to work on and what I did good.

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