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When I describe a character, I think of people. Whenever I go to the mall, movies, or just roaming around. I take notice of people and their features. (Sounds creepy, I know but it helps)
When you see a man with blond hair, blue eyes, strong jaw, straight nose, sharp full lips, tall silhouette, strong hands, and a killer smile. Take note of it.  Doing this in the food court of any place is a good way to get ideas for characters.
When thinking of women, you have to remember the very word female is feminine, so obviously most women characters are going to have softer features. Such as a rounder face, bigger eyes, more plump lips, smaller noses, and color in their cheeks. Always remember when describing a person, to get a clear image describe almost every detail: face, hair color, eyes, and body frame. Another thing to make sure you describe is the way they talk, whether they have a deep voice or a light voice.

Describing animals is something I find rather easy. Its the same thing as describing a person, but with fur.
My dog is a German Shepard, he has beautiful shiny coat that's a chocolate brown mixed with patches of black on his chest, lower back, and leg. He has big brown eyes that sparkle whenever he sees me, and straight ears that listen for me approaching. His tongue is always hanging out and he's eager to rub his wet, cold nose all over my face. His name is, Scotty and he's my German Shepard whom I love with a passion.

When it comes to describing mythical creatures, or made up creatures, it can be a little challenging. The only thing I can really tell you is that describing made up characters comes straight from your imaginationg and influences from everyday life. But remember color, shapes, size and persona.
"The creature was pitch black in color, his eyes however were a lightening blue that would have you in a trance if you ignored his body. Roaming over his naked body, spikes that elongated from his skin ran along every inch of his body. He was short in size, and walked with a hunch as if his spine was curved. His left foot was missing a toe, as if noticing I was staring he repositioned himself which brought my gaze back to his face. His lips were tightly spread exposing sharp teeth that aligned from either side of his mouth..."

^^From a story i'm working on.

Describing objects is another easy thing. Picture a shape in your mind, now add some color, fun designs, a face, even clothes. And comment with your description.

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What about describing inanimate things - that is more difficult - particularly when you are writing poetry and you want to be as descriptive as possible and as original as possible without using cliche
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