Getting the Idea.

Getting the Idea.

A Lesson by Nicole

Forming the image you want in your head.


When a new idea comes to me in the form of a story or poem, (this may sound silly, but it helps) I day dream about it for a while. Write it down and just think about it. Taking my book "Love Letters From A Mistress",
I sat down for a whole day thinking about the characters, settings, and how I would transition from one chapter to the next.
Description. There are a lot of words someone could use to describe something or someone. Colors, size, shape, even some big words to replace small words. <---thesaurus can be used for that.
I use thesauruses all the time, I even read it. (its fun - i learn some new things.)
But first and foremost, once you have the idea, think about it for a while. Embrace it. Be one with it.

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