Mythical Monsters

Mythical Monsters

A Lesson by Clif

Mythical Monsters include Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein, Dragons and Gargoyles. They are part of Gothic literature along with Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera.


      There are some Mythical Monsters that are considered Supernatural. Vampires and Werewolves are in the category of the Supernatural, but are not necessarily Paranormal. Voodoo is considered Supernatural and Zombies are in the realm of the Paranormal.

Other mythical monsters would include Frankenstein,

the Bogeyman, Godzilla, the Kraken and Leviathan from legends, literature and the movies.

        I think of the term Supernatural as being a subset of the Paranormal. Some mythical monsters can be Supernatural, but may not be Paranormal. They are not Cryptic creatures. Other beings and Cryptids are mostly Paranormal and not Supernatural by default, like Bigfoot and Extraterrestrial Aliens.

        Some more Monster myths like Dragons and Gargoyles are not normally thought to be Paranormal.

A Wyvern is like a Dragon that stands upright on two legs. It has wings and a tail and breaths poison instead of fire.

The Wyvern came from Roman Dacians, similar to Draconians. 

Pterosaurs were giant flying reptiles that were thought to have gone extinct along with the Dinosaurs. They are Crypitds and Paranormal.

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Some mythical monsters could be considered Paranormal, if multiple people are actually reported seeing them in the present day, and/or Investigators are scientifically searching for them.

        A Werewolf could be a person that suffers from Lycanthropy. It is a mental illness where someone thinks they are a wolf and acts like the animal. Hypertrichosis is a  another condition in a person. It means they grow an excessive amount of hair on their bodies. The condition is also known as "Werewolf Syndrome". If a human has both Hypertrichosis and Lycanthropy, they could be considered to be like a modern day Werewolf.  They can look and act like an wolf. But they would not be a Cryptid creature because they are actually a Human being and science can explain both mental and medical conditions.

        The Beast of Bray road in Wisconsin is a large hairy creature with a head like a canine and the body like a large ape. It is similar to a Werewolf. The Beast is also a Paranormal Cryptic.

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       A Rougarou in Louisiana is another legendary Werewolf, with a wolf’s head and the body of a human. A Skinwalker is a Native American legend of a man that can change into an animal, like a wolf. They are Supernatural Shape Shifters, like a kind of Werewolf.

        Godzilla was a movie monster similar to a dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. King Kong was another movie Giant Ape monster. Giganotpithecus was a real King Kong type giant ape that lived in China about 100 million years ago.

Some Mythical monsters are part of the Supernatural. Other creatures are in the realm of the Paranormal.  I think ParaEntities like Ghosts and Spirits are both Paranormal and Supernatural, while other stories continue to be Myths and Legends.

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