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Alien Abductions

Alien Abductions

A Lesson by Clif

AAE, alien abduction axperience is a real phenomena.


        There have been many cases reported of people being taken by extraterrestrials. These are just a few of the better known reports.

       The case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 was probably the first documented event of a reported Alien Abduction. They were an interracial couple in New Hampshire. The Hills were returning from a trip at night when they sighted a UFO.  They did not remember being taken until they underwent hypnosis a few years later. Then they were able to recall the events of being take aboard an alien spacecraft where medical experiments were done to them. Betty Hill drew a star map of where the aliens were from. The star map displayed the Zeta Reticuli star system as the place of origin of the Gray E.T.s. Dr. Benjamin Simon, of the Quincy Center in Boston. He was the hypnotists for Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction in 1963.

      Travis Walton was a forestry work in Arizona. In 1975, he was taken aboard a spacecraft by Gray aliens and held for a period of time, before being released. The Incident was chronicled in the movie “Fire in the Sky” in 1993. Travis co-workers at the time in the forest also saw the UFO. But he was the only one taken. Travis was returned several days later, alive, but traumatized.  Later Travis also went under hypnosis and recalled the abduction by aliens. The other men in the work truck passed polygraph tests about the sighting.   


     The Allagash 4 were four men who were abducted by aliens 1976, in Allagash, Maine. They were fishing in a boat on Eagle Lake when they sighted a UFO in the sky. They experienced missing time when they found themselves back on shore, several hours later, with no recollection of what had happened. The four men also underwent hypnosis and then recalled the aliens and being taken aboard the spacecraft. This was a case of multiple people reporting the same experience. They also passed polygraph tests as well. Tony Constantino was the hypnotist who uncovered the information for the Allagash 4 alien abduction in Maine in 1976. 

      Communion was a movie and book about an alien abduction by Whitley Strieber. He was taken by extraterrestrials in 1985, in Upper State New York.  The author was vacationing at a cabin in the woods, with his family. He was taken at night, by small, Gray aliens onto a spacecraft. Only after hypnosis, did he recall the actual event. The entities performed some experiments on him. After the incident, he later returned to the spacecraft and came into contact with the aliens once again.

       Most of the reported abductions describe nearly the same types of Gray aliens and similar UFO spacecraft. This gives some credibility to them, by the fact that so many people are having very similar experiences.

        Implants are tiny objects found inside people after they have been abducted by aliens. 

They are found implanted in their necks and legs. A doctor in California in the mid 1990s surgically removed implants from a few patients from Texas. Each of them had  previously experienced UFO sightings. The objects were very small, white, spheroid and metallic in nature. But they were not of any known human technology from this Earth. Dr. Roger Leir was the surgeon who recovered implants from abductees, at the Podiatry Clinic in Thousand Oaks, California, in 1995.


      You do not want to be abducted by aliens. The Zeta Reticulans do terrible things to people. 

They do medical experiments on human beings which could be considered a form of torture.

alien abduction experience is a phenomena that has been reported by many people around the world.


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