Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

A Lesson by Clif

Ancient alien theory states that extraterrestrials have been visiting the earth for many centuries in the past.


Erich von Daniken, a Swiss author, wrote a book in 1968 called “Chariots of the Gods”, in which he talked about the Nazca Lines and Easter Island. He speculated that these and many other ancient mysteries might have been created by aliens from other planets, visiting Earth in the distant past. Von Daniken’s book started much of the basis for ancient alien theory today.

The Nazca Lines; are in Peru, in South America.  They were created some 1000 years ago. The lines outline giant pictures carved in the land. You can only see the shapes from high above in an aircraft. Of course people did not have airplanes, way back in ancient times. So it is a complete mystery of how they were created and why. Ancient alien theory believes that extraterrestrials came to Earth, thousands of years ago and the aliens helped to create the Nazca lines in Peru.
There are about 200 miles away from Machu Picchu, Peru, which is a UAP hot spot in the Andes Mountains.


Easter Island is in the South eastern Pacific. It is home to Gigantic Status of Humanoid figures called Moai. The people that once inhabited the island, are said to have had extraterrestrial help in erecting the huge stone carvings. Humans of that period did not have the technology to move such enormous stones. Easter Island is off the west coast of South America, south east of Hawaii.

Stonehenge; in Wiltshire, England, has also had theories about extraterrestrial involvement. Speculation about how ancient people, about 5000 years ago, could not have moved such gigantic rocks to the site, without the help of an advanced civilization and their technology, like the enormous statues of Easter Island. Wiltshire is also where many crop circles have been found near Stonehenge, in modern times.

  The Anunnaki were Gods of the Sumerian, Babylonian and other peoples of the ancient world, about 4000 years ago. Ancient alien theorists believe that the Anunnaki were extraterrestrial beings that visited the Earth in the distant past. One idea is that they may come from the constellation of Orion, in the star system Rigel, 864 light years from Earth.

There have been cone shaped human skulls discovered in Latin America and Egypt. Some people believe that they are ancient aliens from another planet. One idea is that they are from human/alien hybrids from centuries ago. Some Anunnaki have been drawn as having elongated heads. But many scientist state that elongated human skulls were made by ancient people, by wrapping ties around the heads of babies, deforming their heads as they grew older, (that’s sick). I like the ET theory better.

In Norse mythology, their gods could have been from other planets.  Ancient alien theory points out that their magical abilities could have been advanced technology from extraterrestrials.

There have been many cave drawings by ancient people, discovered in Japan, Australia, Mexico, Central America, Southwestern United States, Egypt and Eastern Europe. Many of the paintings depict what looks like alien beings and space craft in the sky. And hieroglyphic writing has also been unearthed on many structures, built thousands of years ago. Similar symbols like these have also been observed on UAP craft, at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, Randlesham Forest Air Base in England, and on debris found in Roswell, New Mexico.

  The city of Atlantis; is thought to be another example of otherworldy beings involvement in our ancient past. Ancient astronaut theorist believe that aliens from another planet could have settled in the legendary metropolis beneath the sea.

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