Cryptid Creatures

Cryptid Creatures

A Lesson by Clif

Cryptid and cryptic comes from cryptozoology, which is the search for hidden animals, unknown to science, or creatures thought to have been extinct.


Bigfoot is the king of the cryptics. They area a giant hairy ape man reported to inhabit forested areas in the Pacific North West of the United States and most every other state  in the country.

There are also numerous different kinds of Bigfoot type creatures around the world; Including the Yeti in the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. There are also Bigfoot like beasts in Russia, China and other parts of Asia. In the U.S. and Canada they are also called Sasquatch. Many Native American tribes have beliefs in large primates occupying the woods. They have many different names for them.

       Loch Ness type lake monsters; There are many lake monsters in lochs in Scotland, and in other parts of Europe,  also in North America in Canada and the northern United States. The many creatures occupying lakes resemble the legend of Loch Ness in Scotland. Lake monsters are described as looking like plesiosaurs, which are thought to be extinct, giant, aquatic reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. 


       "The Jersey Devil"; is a mysterious beast from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. It is described as a large reptile like creature with wings, a horses head, hooved feet, a tail and glowing red eyes. The Jersey Devil has also been seen in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Western Maryland in the early twentieth century. 

       The "Mothman" legend comes from the tragic bridge collapse in 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. A human like creature with large bat like wings and glowing red eyes was seen before the catastrophe. It is said that seeing the Mothman indicates a prophecy of an upcoming disaster.


There is the Lizard Man of South Carolina. 

Chupacabra; is a reptilian like beast of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Thunderbirds; are giant birds seen in the U.S. I saw a thunderbird myself when I was a young boy. Some reports of thunderbirds resemble pterosaurs, which were giant flying reptiles also thought to have gone extinct the same time as dinosaurs.

Mokele mbembe;  is a giant dinosaur looking animal reported sighted in Africa in the twentieth century.

The Michigan Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road in Wisconsin, which are described as large, hair covered, ape like creatures with the head and face of a wolf or canine.

Cadborosaurus or Caddy; are large sea serpents in the Pacific waters off the western shores of The U.S. and Canada. They range from 25 to 100 feet long, with a large head and their snake like bodies ungulate vertically up exposing humps up out of the water. Dead bodies of these creatures  have actually been found sense the 1930s, on different Islands off Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.


There are many other cryptid creatures reported to exist around America and numerous places around the world. 




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Posted 1 Year Ago

In India, and allied region of South East Asia, China, Mongolia there you can see more unidentified mythical forms as stories, feelings and transformed giving power of God worshipping. Very interesting chapter. Luckily i got one book on Loch Ness from a book stall in my area with colorful pictures.

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Posted 2 Years Ago

" That is very interesting about the way you have read the content, and deliberating something you have learn about dinosaurs. And then add you own quotes about creature's you might think in different area's a dinosaur called the lake monster then big foot. " I said.
'It is very amazing topic about creator's from begin to the end of the world that could have been very weird and scary.' I thought.
"Further more I wounder what to do withe rest of the contest but I will try too follow through."
I said.
{ Very interesting piece of work I have never seen someone talk about a subject like before. }
{{ Very cool and interesting. Obscure but, neat. }}
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