Ed And Lorraine

Ed And Lorraine

A Lesson by Clif

They were a paranormal investigative couple from Connecticut.


       Ed and Lorraine began the New England Society For Psychic Research, NESPR, In 1952.

 She was a psychic medium, while he specialized in demons.

      They investigated the Amityville haunting on Long Island, New York in 1975.

It was the scene of the multi murder of a large family. One of the sons shot and killed both of his parents and his brothers and sisters. The area where the house had been built was also previously Native American Sacred land. After the family killings, another couple moved into the house in Amityville. The new family abruptly moved out of the house after experiencing haunting and unexplainable activity.  


       In 1977 the couple traveled to England to investigate a case of a poltergeist in the Enfield section of London. Two of the girls of a family there were experiencing paranormal activity. Furniture would move by itself, strange noises  and disembodied voices were heard. Ed and Lorraine believed the occurrences were real. 


       The paranormal couple also investigated many other sights of reported spiritual activity. They were involved with “The Haunting in Connecticut” in 1986, from a former funeral home that was occupied by numerous evil spirits. 

They investigated a haunted home in Pennsylvania, where the residents were attached by demonic entities. Ed wrote a book about the graveyard at the Union Cemetery in Connecticut.


       Ed And Lorraine had the Occult Museum was in Monroe, Connecticut. It was run by Lorraine and their son in law Tony. On display at the museum was the doll named Annabelle, that was reportedly possessed by a demon.     


       The story of the Amityville haunting was the basis for the movie series “The Amityville Horror”.

The movie “The Conjuring 2” was based on the Enfield poltergeist.

And the story of the possessed Raggedy Ann doll at the museum was the basis for the horror movie “Annabelle”.


        Ed died in 2006 at the age of 79. Lorraine passed away in 2019. She was 92 years of age.  They are some of the best known paranormal investigators of all time. They collected a body of work that will live on in this world and the afterworld for many years to come. Tony  heads up NESPR to continue on with the legacy of Ed and Lorraine.


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