Evidence of UFOs

Evidence of UFOs

A Lesson by Clif

There is a lot of good evidence that indicates that we are in fact being visited by extraterrestrials from other planets.


     There have been thousands of eye witness sightings of strange things in the skies. There are probably hundreds of photographs and videos that capture UFO’s in flight and on the ground. There are many credible witnesses that have seen UFO’s. From police officers, to airline pilots, military officers and government officials  have observed mysterious lights and crafts in the sky. Air traffic controllers have tracked them on radar. Unidentified flying objects have been seen all over the world. One of the American astronauts came forward in recent years and proclaimed that “they were not alone in space”. He felt that they were under constant surveillance by UFO’s.


     Take the Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, in Suffolk,England.

At RAF Woodbridge Base, American Air Force servicemen stationed at the base sighted a UFO in the Forest. They saw a triangular, metal craft, hovering in the air. Later they also saw multiple oval craft, flying in patterns in the sky over the base. When the military men returned to the woods with an officer, they found three hole impressions in the ground in a triangular pattern that matched the shape of the UFO that was sighted previously. There were also radioactive readings taken at that site at the time. This was actual physical evidence of a UFO landing.


     Travis Walton was a forestry worker who was abducted by aliens in 1975 in Arizona. He was taken aboard a spacecraft by Gray aliens. The other men working there cutting trees with Travis witnessed the UFO hovering in the forest. Travis disappeared for several days before being found alive. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was examined by doctors. They found radiation burns on his body that could not be explained. There were no atomic power plants or military basses anywhere near that might have some kind or radioactive materials. The burns on Travis’s body were real evidence of an extraterrestrial encounter.  And the other men who witnessed the UFO, passed lie detector tests.

    At Shag Harbour, in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1967, UFO’s were reported going into the water. There were many witnesses including police that saw a USO submerge into the Gulf of Maine. The Coast Guard and Canadian Navy were called in to investigate the incident. Naval ships tracked under water objects for several days before the crafts surfaced and flew off.

There was a yellow foam slick that was observed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the water at the site. The mysterious foam could constitute physical evidence. But the best evidence from Shag Harbour, would be the Canadian Navy report. The official military documentation states that the events of 1967, were an actual UFO incident. The Navy of Canada said the craft were controlled by some type of intelligence and were not from any known country or military on this world. 

And there were no other explanations for what happened at Shag Harbour.


     The Flatwoods Monster was thought to be a sighting of an extraterrestrial being in West Virginia in 1952. Afterwards the local sheriff discovered unidentifiable tracks in the mud and a strange black liquid at the site left behind by the alien creature.


     Perhaps the first documented case of an alien abduction was that of Betty and Barney Hill in New Hampshire in 1961. They were both taken aboard a spaceship by Grey aliens. Later the couple went under hypnosis and Betty recalled the aliens showed her a star map of where they were from. She redrew the cluster of stars from her memory of the incident.

Afterwards a school teacher and amateur astronomer from Ohio, reconstructed the star map drawn by Betty Hill. Marjory Fish figured out the stars in the map were in the Zeta Reticulli star system. Her model showed multiple stars in the Reticulum constellation.

     In Betty Hill’s star map there were three additional stars that did not show on any existing astronomical star maps in 1964. Then about 6 years later, astronomers discovered some new stars, right in the same place where Betty Hill had drawn them on her map. The only way she could have known about yet undiscovered stars, was from some other advanced intelligence that knew more about the cosmos than human science did at the time the star map was drawn. Ohio State University fed the information into a computer, with the of the model made by Marjorie Fish from Betty Hill’s star map. The university successfully matched their star map with the Zeta Reticuli star system. They confirmed the accuracy of the drawing made while Betty Hill was in contact with alien beings.

      There is another entire phenomena called “implants”. These are also associated with alien abductions. These are tiny objects found implanted in the back of people’s necks and legs. These same people have experienced UFO sightings before the implants were discovered. And the abductees also experienced missing time. In 1995, Dr. Roger Leir from California, removed implants from some patients. A man from Texas, who had sighted a UFO, in 1954. And a woman, also from Texas, who had a UFO encounter in 1969. There was also a woman in 1993, that had an implant in her leg, after a UFO experience. The implants were removed surgically. They were found to be white, spheroid, metallic objects. They were not made by human technology. If this is not physical evidence, I don’t know what is.  


          Skeptics and debunkers will tell you there is no physical evidence of UFO’s or aliens that has been found. But there is physical evidence, if you know where to look and what to look for. There is some actual physical evidence that indicates that UFOs and alien beings are really coming to Earth! 


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