How To Do Your Own Paranormal Investigation

How To Do Your Own Paranormal Investigation

A Lesson by Clif

You can do a basic amateur investigation of paranormal activity yourself.


       For people just starting out and investigating on their own, there are some things you can obtain without spending a lot of money on equipment at the outset.

       If you have a smart phone, you can use the built in camera to take videos and pictures of suspected unexplained phenomena.  You can use cameras, like in your smartphone or a camcorder,

to take pictures and videos of suspected areas where unusual events have occurred. Even if you don’t see anything at the time, still take a few photos or scan with a video camera. Sometimes things can show up on images that are unseen by the naked eye. This is what I call “unexplainable photographic anomalies”, UPA, and “unexplainable videographic anomalies”, UVA.

       Orbs are notorious for showing up in pictures. Sometimes they can be explained by dust particles or flying insects or light reflections on the camera lens. But every once in a while, they can be something else unworldly.


Smartphones often have voice recorder apps that can be used to record EVPs. Or apps may be downloaded from the Interweb. And basic audio tape recorders or portable digital recording devices can be used to capture disembodied voices.

       Electronic voice phenomena, EVP; is an audible voice from a spirit that can be recorded on an electronic device. When performing an EVP session, start your audio recording device. Then speak and ask a series of questions out load, Like “Is there someone here?”, “ what is your name?”, “why are you here?”. After each question pause for a moment in silence, to give the entity an opportunity to respond. You may not hear an answer,

but your recorder may pick up something you did not hear at the time. Afterwards, play back and listen carefully to the recording and see if you can hear any words between your questions.

       Old TVs and radios can be used for white noise, to detect EVP’s.

White noise; is on an analog television, untuned to any channel, with just white raster snow background. It can receive audio voices from spirits and ghosts. White noise is a type of EVP.

Turn on an old TV and dial the channel to one with no picture, just white raster. Turn up the volume on the TV. Then use an audio recording device to capture the sound from the TV. Play back the recording and listen carefully for any voices other than from the people present.


A small digital thermometer can serve to check for cold spots at a haunted location. When a ghost manifests itself, they often take heat out of the air and leave a cold chill in the area. A thermometer can be used to indicate where a specter could be lurking.

       An EMF meter measures electromagnetic fields that can be associated with sightings of an apparition. High EMF can also come from electrical wiring, power lines outside, exposed wiring in buildings. Sometimes excessive electromagnetic radiation can cause people to hallucinate. This could explain some sightings of paranormal activity.

Use an EMF meter to check inside a structure for high magnetic fields. Test it in a basement where there are fuse boxes or cables running. If you get high readings, you should contact a qualified electrician.

       But ghosts can give a different reading. When your in an area with normal EMF levels and a meter jumps suddenly, then returns to normal, that could be an indication of an actual spiritual paranormal phenomena. 

       If your smartphone has a compass, you can download a EMF detector app. Your phone needs to have a magnetic sensor in order for a software EMF meter to work. Some smartphone with additional features come with built in sensors. Many inexpensive basic phones do not have compass capabilities.


       If you have a computer and a web cam, there is software you can download from the Interweb to view and record videos during investigations. There is "Ghost Monitor" and "xParanormal Detector" that are free downloads for a PC. They are used to record EVPs and they have motion detectors to capture videos of suspected manifestations using the webcam. You can also download audio recording software on your computer to capture voices with the built in microphone in the PC.


      A simple flashlight can serve as basic communication devices for UFO’s and spiritual entities. Talk out load to instruct an entity to turn the flash light on to respond. Then speak to ask a yes or no question. If the light comes on by itself, you’ve got something there! 

      Poltergeist activity can manifest itself by objects flying or breaking or levitating in the air. Sometimes this can be caused by a haunting. But determine if there is a child present at the location.

These types of rare phenomena could be caused by a young person with psychokinetic abilities, where they can move objects with their minds. Psychic phenomena is also considered to be paranormal and supernatural.  A child may be doing things intentionally, or they may be totally unaware of their powers. They do grow out of the ability, as it goes away when they get older.


Most places for investigations are haunted houses and buildings. But different kinds of paranormal activity can be detected outdoors around wooded areas, along waterways such as rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, ponds and in the skies above.  The best locations are where there are not many people around or man made lights. 

Parks are a good place to go for investigations, or camping expeditions. Places where there are old ruins of buildings and other structures are also prime areas to look for anomalies. You can search for Bigfoot or other cryptic foot prints in woods or along water areas. It is good to look up in the sky for Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, or strange flying animals. Check the water for unusual creatures that might be swimming around. Watch for orbs and lights in the outdoors. Look up in the trees for unexpected winged cryptid creatures, like the Jersey Devil. Listen quietly for unusual sounds or calls in the night. Use your camera, smartphone to look around, take pictures and videos, Or record strange sounding audio.


      I do not recommend the use of Ouija boards. They can be dangerous,

You can unintentionally conjure up a malevolent spirit that you did not want.

Another note of caution, if there is any malevolence involved, like scratches on a persons body, or someone being pushed by an unseen entity, then it is time to contact a professional paranormal organization or clergy.


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