Major UFO Events

Major UFO Events

A Lesson by Clif

There have been many significant UFO events in history. These are a few of the more notable ones.


     The Roswell incident is probably the most famous and publicized UFO event in history. Actually in Corona, New Mexico, in 1947 there was a UFO crash on ranch. Roswell The U.S. Military reportedly recovered alien bodies from the site. The Roswell newspaper reported at the time that the Air Force admitted that there actually had been a flying saucer that had crashed on a nearby ranch.

  The Washington Flap in 1952 was a major UFO event. Unidentified flying objects were reported flying over Washington D.C.  The phenomena was seen by many witnesses and the objects were picked up on air traffic control and military radar.  The Air Force scrambled jet fighters from Delaware to investigate the unexplainable aerial phenomena. This happened on two occasions, about a week apart in the summer of 1952, over the nations capital.

     In Rendlesham Forest in 1980, at Suffolk, England, at RAF Woodbridge airbase, American Air Force servicemen stationed at the base sighted a triangular shaped UFO in the woods.  Later in the evening, they found impressions in the ground in a triangular pattern.  The next day they returned to the site with a Geiger counter and detected elevated radiation readings in the same area. The leading Air Force officer and some of the men also witnessed several other UFOs flying over the base in patterns, just after the initial sighting. The top American officer filed a report with the British Ministry of Defense.

       In 1967 in Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada, UFO’s were reported going into the water. There were many witnesses including police officers. The USOs, unidentified submerged objects, were tracked on radar for days in the Gulf of Maine by the Canadian Navy. The Naval report from the Canadians stated this was a real UFO event that had no earthly explanation. 

      The Phoenix Lights were sighted in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. Dozens of witnesses, including police officers and the governor of the state observed mysterious lights flying over the city. They formed a gigantic V or triangular shape. Videos were taken of the lights. The governor was an experienced former Air Force captain. He later stated that they were not any known aircraft of any type from this world.

       In Fort Knox, Kentucky in 1948, four P51 fighter airplanes were sent to investigate a UFO. One of the fighters crashed in southern Kentucky after chasing the unidentified flying object. The pilot was killed in the crash near Franklin, Kentucky.

        The Hopkinsville Goblins were reported in Kentucky in 1955.

There was a reported gun battle between a family at their house in the countryside and strange beings from another world. They were short creatures with large pointed ears and big eyes. The police went out to the house to investigate the incident.

        The Flatwoods Monster was an alien creature reported in Braxton County, West Virginia, in 1952. It was a large reptilian like extraterrestrial that hovered in the air in a metallic platform of some type.

    In 2004, the navy’s USS Nimitz, had an encounter with UAP in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California. The navy ships tracked multiple unidentified targets on radar for a couple of weeks. A navy fighter aircraft gunpod camera captured tic tac shaped object on video. Pilots also saw an area in the ocean where an unidentified object, the size of a large airliner jet, had submerged. Just last year, the Navy finally admitted that the incident was a real UAP phenomena. 

        Other UFO Crash Sites:

        Roswell was not the only report of a UFO crashing to Earth.

       In Aurora, Texas, in 1897 a UFO reportedly crashed on a farm there.

It was a cylindrical shaped, silver, metallic craft that hit a windmill, then crashed into the ground.  The farmer found an alien body with the crashed spacecraft. The people of the small town buried the pilot in a local cemetery. They described the dead occupant of the spaceship as being “not of this world”.  They disposed of the UFO wreckage and put the debris down into a well. The incident was reported in the Dallas newspaper a couple of days later. In recent years, investigators have not been able to locate the grave or the spacecraft, yet.

       In 1965 in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, there was also a reported crash of a UFO. Thousands of people witnessed a bright fireball falling to earth from several surrounding states and Canada that night. The UFO crashed in the woods near Pittsburgh. Like Shag Harbour, it was not a plane crash.  People in the area found a mysterious bell, or acorn shaped object, the size of a small car. It had strange writing, drawings like hieroglyphics on the side. Like Roswell, the U.S. Military reportedly came and hauled the UFO away on a truck.

     There have also been UFO crashes in Russia. 

There was a UFO that reportedly came down in Sverdlovsk in 1969. It was a saucer buried part way in the ground.  The Russian military took away the craft on a truck, like the Americans previously in Pennsylvania and New Mexico. And like Roswell, the Russians found an alien body with the saucer. They reportedly performed an autopsy on the small, Gray humanoid.



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Yes there have been many UFO events sense 2000. In the early 2000s, jets from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz tracked a tic tac shaped UFO on their gunpod. Another U.S. aircraft carrier also sighted an unexplained aerial phenomena in the twenty teens. has a database of sightings throughput the 2000s, including this year. They have hundreds of reports of UFOs in the U.S., just in 2020 alone. And unidentified flying objects have also been seen in India in the twenty first century. Did you get the message I sent to you?

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Posted 1 Year Ago

I have never read occurances after the year 2000. Is it true in case of UFO occurances.
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